Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design (DSD) consists in designing your new smile through a computer, the individual and the professional specialist have in this way the possibility to choose the type and shape of the teeth according to the characteristics of the face of each person, enhancing its harmony and beauty. In this way, there is the possibility of choosing the colour and shape of the teeth with which one identifies and visualize how they look before beginning any procedure. This is possible through a 3D simulation, making it possible to visualize the potential final result and make any changes one deems appropriate.

The first step is to collect a series of data in order to carry out a complete facial analysis based on a 3D facial and dental scan and a dynamic analysis of the smile through a video. Based on this same aesthetic study, a totally personalized smile design proposal is presented to you through a virtual simulation.

In addition, if necessary, other complementary facial treatments can be used to maximize and optimize the final result of the smile. The 360° vision of treatment of facial aesthetics brings you a dental aesthetic medicine of high rigor, quality and excellence.

Once the smile design proposal is accepted, most of the time, the design can be tested on the person before starting the treatment, using a 3D impression, a mock-up, which allows a more realistic and dynamic prior assessment to be made in the individual’s mouth.

What is the concept of the Smile Donor?

Thanks to the intra-oral scanner, professionals can offer you the Smile Donor Concept. This concept consists of each person having the possibility to choose a relative or friend who has a tooth shape that he/she likes for the design of his/her own smile.

What is Smile Backup?

There is also a “Smile Backup concept”, a system that consists of making a 3D scan of your teeth and storing them for the future in case of need. In case a tooth has an accident or even aggressive decay, it can be replaced by copying its shape and size from the backup.

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